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Client's transformations

Personal Training South Lakes
Online Fitness Coach

Get ready to progress, get stronger and reach your highest potential with a bespoke transformation fitness plan designed to maximise your success rate whilst adjusting to your busy schedule. Achieve your fitness goals with a structured workout & nutrition plan tailored to your lifestyle and fitness level.

Create a lasting change in your mindset and body with Paddy’s bespoke plans. Every training program is personally modified to help you move better, get stronger, develop your work capacity and improve your body composition, regardless of your fitness level.

Paddy Maher
Strength & Conditioning

Build a plan that works

Paddy’s personalised health & fitness plans help you achieve your goals through consistent behaviour-focused lifestyle changes and transform the way you feel about fitness. With courses designed to suit any fitness level and experience, you’ll gradually progress, challenge yourself and reach new heights.

With 1-on-1 accountability and progress check-ups with your online fitness coach, your personalised targets will be closely monitored and adjusted to fit your needs. Weekly sessions with Paddy will help you to stay on track, find new sources of motivation and gain confidence throughout your journey.

Paddy Maher, Online Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer in South Lakes

Meet Paddy Maher: An experienced Personal Trainer & Online Fitness Coach in South Lakes

Paddy Maher is a lecturer in Strength and Conditioning and a UKSCA-qualified online fitness coach with over a decade of experience in elite sports. After completing a Masters’s degree in S&C, he spent the next 10 years working alongside elite athletes, writing and delivering programmes for football, rugby, cricket, and basketball players and professional runners and triathletes.

With extensive experience creating fitness and nutrition programs for high-performers, he now shifted into working and sharing his knowledge with people who want to transform their physique, gain confidence and improve their health and performance. Through transformation fitness plans, Paddy shares his passion and a proven approach to achieving overall health and wellness through corrective movements and individualised non-restrictive nutrition plans.


The fast track to your fitness goals


In-depth lifestyle assessment

During the 1st stage of your program, Paddy conducts an in-depth lifestyle assessment to understand your starting point in your fitness journey. Uncovering your fitness and strength levels, personal goals, eating habits and work/life balance will help him to tailor a program that supports gradual, effective changes.

Bespoke fitness & nutrition plan

Paddy will draw up a bespoke fitness and nutrition plan, with the main objective to challenge and transform you in the most effective and balanced ways. With a detailed program that meets you at your current capabilities, you’ll continuously progress and transform your life with healthy yet non-restrictive habits.


Weekly check-ups & adjustments

During weekly accountability and adjustment sessions with Paddy, you’ll be able to access his professional advice. Regular check-ups allow Paddy to reassess your programme and goals accordingly to your progress and ensure you are implementing long-lasting changes and constantly being challenged.

Online Fitness Coach - A fitness app mock up
A Fitness app mock-up
A Fitness app mock-up showcasing a bespoke online fitness plan

Train with Paddy's App, wherever you are!

Personal training plans
Online Fitness Coach

With Paddy’s Training App, you get easy access to your personal online training plan created by Paddy, wherever you are – home, travelling or gym. Track your progress, and weekly goals and update your achievements on the go.

With simple-to-follow video demonstrations on the app, you’ll be able to perform your best and learn new exercises as you progress.


Real people, real results

Videos with each exercise made it simple to do at home!
'The nutrition guide wasn't restrictive at all, the videos with each exercise made it simple to do at home, and Paddy checking in kept me on track. I'm actually looking forward to the next plan, which is something i'd never thought i'd say.'

Roseanne Willison-Parry
Paddy’s plan and the attention to detail has changed my life!
"Paddy tailored a plan for me that fit my busy schedule which not only focused on weight loss, but my fitness for football too. I’m 5 weeks in and can even see the difference. The weight is coming off, a knee problem I had developed has vanished and overall I feel great! "

David Sewell
I now enjoy exercise and I am well!
"Paddy has been fantastic at working out my fitness needs and taking the time to find out how i can exercise safely with a stoma. I now enjoy exercise and I am well on the way to meeting my goals"

Jacob Prothero
I have felt and seen such a big change in my body.
"Since starting my personal training with Paddy, I have felt and seen such a big change in my body. He has helped me with my knowledge of food, exercise and lifestyle choice, which has made it easier and more enjoyable to lose weight"

Georgia Atkinson
Weekly check-ins helped me to stay accountable!
“After having a baby, I really struggled to prioritise my own nutrition whilst adjusting to being a new mum. Paddy's plan made it really easy. Weekly check-ins helped me to reach my goals and have also provided me with knowledge and understanding to continue independently”

Chelsea Gass-Jack
Paddy has been amazing throughout, checking in on me every single week!
“Paddy gave me the knowledge, guidance, support and accountability I needed to get back into shape and be fitter, stronger and healthier. Not only have I seen a change physically, but also my fitness has improved massively.“

Jade Booth
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A training session with an Online Fitness coach and personal trainer in South Lakes

Book an 1-1 session with Paddy Maher

Online Fitness Coach

If you’re in Cumbria, you can book a one-on-one session with Paddy to experience fun and enjoyable workouts, completely individualised and structured to match your fitness level and goals. You’ll utilise and implement the most effective and powerful tools tailored to you in order to help you gain confidence and knowledge to continue your fitness journey. Whether you’re a high-level collegiate athlete or are an absolute beginner.

Level up your fitness - Online Fitness Coach

Regain your power with carefully designed workouts.