Terms & Conditions

Paddy Maher Strength & Conditioning

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions form your agreement with Paddy Maher Strength & Conditioning.


  • Purchases for plans that are already prepared (“Ready Made Plans”) and/or custom made plans (“Personal Plans”) should be made online via Paddy Maher Strength & Conditioning’s website (“the Website”) or via a link to the FitR website which will be emailed to you.

  • Ready Made Plans and Personal Plans will be together referred to as “Plan(s)” throughout these terms and conditions.

  • For Ready Made Plans, you will receive confirmation of your purchase by email together with the plan attached or with instructions of how to access your plan via the FitR.

  • For Personal Plans, you will receive confirmation of your purchase by email which will include a link to a Customer Information Form for you to complete. Your plan will then be designed based upon the information provided in that form. You may be contacted for further information if required.

  • Personal Training Sessions (“Sessions”) should be requested via the ‘Contact Us’ page found in the Personal Training tab of the Website.

  • Within 24 hours of your request for a Session, you will be contacted by your Personal Trainer and you will be informed if your request can be accommodated or, alternatively, to discuss your Personal goals.


  • All payments must be made in full, either in person or online.

  • All payments must be received in full prior to any Plan or Session being provided.

  • Confirmation of all purchases will be sent by email, together with a link to these terms and conditions.


  • If your Personal Trainer is late for your Session, your Personal Trainer will ensure that the time is made up either at the end of the Session or during any subsequent Session where applicable.  

  • If you are late for your Session, your Session will be reduced in accordance with that time. If you are more than 25 minutes late, your Personal Trainer may choose to cancel the Session and you may lose that Session, in which case no refund will be made.

Cancellations and refunds

  • Once purchased, all Plans are non-refundable.

  • You are required to give a minimum period of 48 hours’ prior notice of cancellation of any Session. This should be made directly with your Personal Trainer.

  • If you do not provide a minimum of 48 hours’ prior notice, no refund will be made to you.

  • If your Personal Trainer fails to give you 48 hours’ prior notice of any cancellation, you will be entitled to 1 extra hour of Personal Training, in addition to the Session you missed.

  • Any cancelled Sessions will be rearranged at a time mutually agreed between you and the Personal Trainer.

  • If, for any medical reason you are no longer able to attend any Sessions, you will be given a refund on any outstanding Sessions. You may be asked to provide proof from your GP.

  • Any other refunds are at the discretion of your Personal Trainer.

Expiry and Extensions

  • All Sessions booked in blocks have a 90 day expiry, after which time any unused Sessions will be lost and no refund will be made. This is to ensure all your required Sessions are delivered timely to enable you to achieve your goals.

  • You may extend block Sessions for between one month and 12 full calendar months for the following reasons only:
    – Pregnancy
    – Serious illness/Injury
    – Redundancy

  • To extend your block Sessions you must contact your Personal Trainer; you may be asked to provide proof of pregnancy, serious illness/injury or redundancy.

  • Any other extensions are entirely at the discretion of your Personal Trainer.


  • You acknowledge that when participating in any exercise or exercise plan that there is the possibility of physical injury and you acknowledge that you engage in such activity at your own risk.

  • Your Personal Trainer cannot prescribe treatment or diagnose medical conditions. They may at any time ask to consult with your GP should any medical condition arise.

  • Paddy Maher Strength & Conditioning is not a medical practitioner or registered dietitian. It is strongly recommended that prior to commencing any diet or exercise regime that you consult a medical practitioner and/or registered dietitian first.

Expected Results

  • Whilst it is believed that for most people, following Paddy Maher Strength & Conditioning’s programmes and methods will lead to desired results, all exercise programmes depend on the individual. Results will be affected by the effort and commitment of the individual, however in some circumstances even where an individual follows a Plan, they may not achieve the desired results. No warranties of any kind, express or implied, are provided as to:

    1. the effectiveness any techniques, diets or programmes that are delivered; or

    2. the results that you may achieve as a result of following your Personal Trainer’s programs.

  • All testimonials shown on Paddy Maher Strength & Conditioning’s website or content are real people who have followed one of the Plans or has engaged in the Sessions provided by Paddy Maher Strength & Conditioning. For the avoidance of any doubt however, they are not indicative of the results that you are likely to achieve, rather they are included as examples of the results that particular individuals have achieved.

Limitation of liability

  • Nothing in these terms and conditions will: (a) limit or exclude our or your liability for death or personal injury resulting from our or your negligence, as applicable; (b) limit or exclude our or your liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or (c) limit or exclude any of our or your liabilities in any way that is not permitted under applicable law.

  • Paddy Maher Strength & Conditioning will not be liable to you in respect of any losses arising out of events beyond its reasonable control.

  • To the maximum extent permitted by law, Paddy Maher Strength & Conditioning accepts no liability for any of the following:
    – any business losses, such as loss of profits, income, revenue, anticipated savings, business, contracts, goodwill or commercial opportunities;
    – loss or corruption of any data, database or software;
    – any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage.

  • Paddy Maher Strength & Conditioning is not engaged in rendering medical advice, nor does it hold itself of out as qualified to do so.

  • It is strongly recommended that you seek professional medical advice before embarking on any diet or exercise program.

  • Any exercise program, even in healthy individuals, carries risk. You have a responsibility to exercise your own personal judgment, as well as any other considerations, before acting on any of the content provided by Paddy Maher Strength & Conditioning.

  • Where you are provided with a Plan, the information contained therein should not be regarded as or relied upon as being a comprehensive health or exercise programme. Accordingly, any actions that you take in relation to any Plan should not be pursued regardless or to the exclusion of other information, opinions or judgments that are available to you.

  • Any Personal Plan will have been prepared on the basis of information provided by you. You are responsible for the accuracy of any information that you provide. You are responsible for informing your Personal Trainer of any health issues or medical conditions when asking us to prepare a Personal Plan.

  • Before taking any action in relation to any Plan, you must take into account any other factors apart from the Plan of which you are or ought to be aware.

  • The information set out in any Plan may relate to certain contexts and may not be suitable in other contexts. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not use the information provided in the wrong context.

  • Any information that is provided that does not form part of a Plan, whether obtained through our website, e-book, video course, social media (such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) or otherwise, is provided for the purposes of general information only.

Data Protection

  • You agree that Paddy Maher Strength & Conditioning shall collect and process any Personal data relating to you in order for the Personal Trainer to properly perform its services under the terms and conditions.

Governing Law

  • This agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with, it, its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of England and Wales.


  • The parties irrevocably agree that the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with, this agreement, its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims).