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Personal Trainer South Lakes

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Personal Trainer session in South Lakes
Paddy Maher, Online Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer in South Lakes

Meet Paddy Maher: Personal Trainer in South Lakes

Paddy Maher is a lecturer in Strength and Conditioning and a UKSCA-qualified coach with over a decade of experience working in elite sports. After completing a Masters’s degree in S&C, he spent the next 10 years working alongside elite athletes, writing and delivering programmes for football, rugby, cricket, and basketball players as well as professional runners and triathletes.

With extensive experience in creating fitness and nutrition programs for high-performers, he now shifted into working and sharing his knowledge with people who want to transform their physique, gain confidence and improve their health and performance. Through transformation fitness plans Paddy shares his passion and a proven approach to achieving overall health and wellness through corrective movements and individualised non-restrictive nutrition plans.

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